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Journey with Brenda Roberts

Journey Radio Airs Saturday 7pm to 8pm on KXPA 1540am Radio - in Seattle and Bellevue Washington.

Hello, I’m host Brenda Roberts. Join me on Journey.


Journey will explore the ways in which we are creating our own realities within this illusion.  Do you feel the shift? It is happening NOW and our challenge on this journey during this accelerated time and energy is to maintain our balance, integrate the higher frequencies and hold the thoughts of our ‘preferred reality’ of health, prosperity and peace for ourselves and the planet.  Remember YOU chose to be here for the ending of one cycle and the beginning of yet another journey. The Past is History, the Future, a Mystery, All we have is NOW, which is a gift from Spirit and why we call it the Present.

"Brenda Roberts produced and hosted over 500 Journey TV shows for SCAN in Seattle. Interviews with authors such as James Redfield, "The Celestine Prophecy", Marlo Morgan, "The Mutant Message;Downunder", Robert Wolff, "What it is to be Human", D.J. Conway, "Moon Magick", "Celtic Magick", "Animal Magick" and many more. A guest lecturer at Bellevue Community College and Libraries in the Seattle area, Brenda brings to light information that is meant to assist in the shift that is taking place in consciousness and bringing the opportunity for change to us all.
It's all about the Journey~
Brenda hosts gatherings and guided Journeys.
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Join Brenda on Journeys with James Redfield, 'The Celestine Prophecy' interview about the movie, The Celestine Prophecy and wife, Salle Redfield, interview regarding women's roles and consciousness shifts.  Climate de-stabilization interviews with speakers at the Energy Conference hosted by the Foundation for the Future; Going Green in a downtown environment, Founder of the Community Building, Jim Sheehan and many others on HOT topics that are focused on the environment, health and your role in affecting positive changes.  Take the Journey~

If you know of someone who can share an insight or information on Personal Growth topics, let me know at:  journeywithbrendaroberts@yahoo.com

contact: journeywithbrendaroberts@yahoo.com or Brendaj33@yahoo.com
    with questions or comments on
    the radio show or any other general question.

Brenda is also the Community Affairs Director for KQUP, ch. 24, Spokane.

Filming Community Awareness issues, such as "Going Green", Sustainability, Domestic Violence Awareness and Health tips for the Journey.


CALL KXPA 1540 AM at 206 292-7800 and let them know you enjoy hearing stories that are inspiring and educational on the topics of spiritual and personal growth.

We will keep them coming~! 
"Tips for the Trip"



"All of us are born to a destiny of greatness, one that is created and inspired by our own Souls. We are cast into this play, an illusion, with some of the same soul mates returning again and again to play out their roles. Our family and lineage, our very DNA is planned and acts on our behalf for one purpose and one purpose alone, that we expand and return home, fully aware of the divine beings that we started out AS, on this journey. Be all you came here, to BE. Now is the Time"

Brenda Roberts - January 2007


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