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Listing of Past KXPA 1540am Shows 

Journey Radio has been on Air in Seattle on KXPA 1540am since December 2005.

    Not ALL past shows have been listed, but we are                          working to list more soon.


December 2005 Radio Show Schedule

Dec 2 - Dolly Mae ~ psychic and author. Exploring your inner guidance system.

Dec 9 - David Lanz ~ Grammy nominee, music producer of 22 CD's. Becoming your Own Master.

Dec 16 - D.J. Conway ~ Author of over 20 books. Discussing her book, Moon Magick and how we can use the moon's cycles and energy, for manifesting.

Dec 23 - John Joseph Kennedy ~ Presidential write-in candidate on the 2004 Ballot, running for President in 2008, spirituality and the new humanity.

Dec 30 - Maxine Hyndman ~ Author of 'The Naked Millionaire'. Building a healthy relationship with money.


Febuary 2006 Radio Show Schedule

Feb 3rd is Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center Hotline. Hotline phone # 206-722-3000 

Feb  10th is Eli Jaxon Bear on Sudden Awakening and establishing World Peace. 

Feb 17th is Asara Lovejoy, Money Mastery, Creating from Source. 

Feb  24th is David Hutton, middle east culture and Loving our Enemies.


March  2006  Radio Show Schedule

March 31st -Mahala Gayle - Planet Alert. We are in turbulent times, watch the skies and focus on Love.


April 2006  Radio Show Schedule

April 7th -  "Magic for Men" interview with author Delores on techniques for men to be more in tune with themselves and romantic with women.

April 25th - James Redfield, author of 'The Celestine Prophecy', 'The Tenth Insight', is now premiering 'The Celestine Prophecy Movie'. 

April 28th - Interview with Co-Producer of 'The Celestine Prophecy Movie', and wife of James Redfield, Salle Redfield. She shares her 'insights' in a lovely way. 


June 2006  Radio Show Schedule

June 2nd ~ Encore interview with James Redfield, author of "The Celestine Prophecy" and Co-Producer of 'The Celestine Movie' now showing in various cities. Listen on the MEDIA PAGE on my website.

June 9th ~ Encore interview with Salle Redfield, Co-Producer of 'The Celestine Movie', wife of James Redfield. Sharing insights into marriage and working together, health, nutrition and the vision of a new world.
June 16th ~ Grammy award nominee David Lanz, composer. Stories of how music comes about and becoming your own Master on this journey.

November 2006 Radio Show Schedule

Nov. 4th The Naked Millionaire, encore show.

Nov. 11th Numerology with David Hutton

Nov. 18th  Vibrational Medicine with Richelle Wheeler

Nov. 24th Green Building and Sustainability with Jim Sheehan

Nov. 30th David Lanz, Grammy Nominee


March 2007 2006 Radio Show Schedule

March 3rd ~ David Hutton ~ Exploring the global issues of war, enemies and evil. How to see the duality and yet have compassion, show love and be a force of Peace on this journey.

March 10th ~ Peter Davenport, Director of the UFO Reporting Center.  We are not alone and it appears that sightings are becoming more frequent and perhaps getting us ready for contact?

March 17th ~ Encore show with James Redfield.  Best-selling author of 'The Celestine Prophecy' now is opening 'The Celestine Prophecy Movie' around the country. It reminds us to hold the vision and create our reality mindfully.

March 24th ~ Encore show with Salle Redfield.  Wife of James Redfield and Co-Producer of

'The Celestine Prophecy Movie'. Salle shares her gentle insights and advice on bringing more peace to the world and creating those 'celestine moments'.  

March 31st ~ Spokane's Community Building is a Model of Going Green and by the summer of 2007 will have the largest array of solar panels in the country. Dave Sanders, Coordinator for the Community Building and Rod Butler, Architect address the issues of environment and health as it pertains to building, re-modeling and creating a comfortable space and a true 'community'.


April 2007 2006 Radio Show Schedule


Most of the April 2007 ‘Journeys’ are interviews with speakers from the ‘Energy Challenges: The Next Thousand Years’; a conference organized and hosted by The Foundation for the Future, Bellevue, Washington. I was privileged and honored to be a media observer as well as have the opportunity to bring to YOU insights from this conference, a true global group meeting to form a unity of focus, “Save the Planet”.

An esteemed group of scientists met to discuss Global Warming and to formulate Energy solutions that will change our society from a high carbon based energy source to a low carbon footprint.  Analyzing new technologies, space technology and zero point energy, as well as the immediate ramping up of our more natural sources of energy such as sun, wind and water, the consensus of the whole group is that we must embrace a change in our consciousness and respect for life on the planet, both human and animal and ACT NOW.

Listen to April 2007 interviews on the  MEDIA PAGE

April 7th - Sir Crispin Tickell, Oxford University, England. James Martin Institute for Science and Civilization Keynote speaker at the Energy Challenges Conference Hosted by The Foundation for the Future. Climate De-Stabilization is a ‘cause and effect’  What can we do to stop and reverse the CO2 damage to the planet and will the human species survive into the next 1,000 years.
AND Second Guest:  Thorsten Ludwig, German Space Power Association Innovative Energy Technology, Zero Point Energy and the power of thoughts and intent.

April 14th - Thomas Valone, Ph.D, Integrity Research Institute Washington D.C. Speaker at the Energy Challenges Conference Author or numerous books on Tesla Technology, Future Energy and Zero Point Energy. Exploring the new energy technology that is safe, efficient, Renewable and kinder to the planet.
AND Second Guest: Russ George, Planktos, Inc. California. Avid ocean sailor, explorer and naturalist. Russ is a project manager  ‘hiring trees and plants’ to absorb and reduce the CO2 that is damaging the planet, especially the ocean’s which are 72% of the planet. Carbon credits are available to assist in individually reversing the effect of our carbon footprints.

April 21st  - Darel Preble, Space Solar Power Institute, Georgia Discussing the potential for using solar panels in space to generate energy and other technologies such as the Air Car which runs on compressed air.
AND Second Guest: William Calvin, University of Washington, Washington Author, ‘Global Fever’ and synopsis, Global Warming 101


May 2007 2006 Radio Show Schedule


May 5th -  David Hutton~discussing his early years living in the Middle East and the on-going conflict.  What does it take to truly 'love your enemies' as Jesus stated?

May 12th - Jim Sheehan, Founder of the Community Building in Spokane and former Publice Defender in Seattle and Spokane.  Jim was arrested at the National Guard office in Spokane, charged with trespassing while conducting a quiet and civil protest against the Iraq war.  We also discuss Lt. Watada's stand against the war.  What does it take to bring peace to the planet?

May 19th - Breean Beggs, Chief Catalyst for the Center for Justice in Spokane. The Center for Justice stands for being more 'centered' and dealing from the heart in issues of resolving conflict as well as the original role of the lawyer as a 'healer', healing relationships. 

May 26th - Sir Crispin Tickell and Ludwig Thorsten were speakers at the Energy Challenges Conference in Bellevue, early April.  Global Warming or rather Climate De-Stabilization was discussed as well as alternatives to the destructive Co2 emissions that have contributed to our weather changes.  What will we need to do in order to stop and reverse the severe effects we have already had on this planet?




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