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JOURNEY TV was a weekly half-hour TV show produced in Seattle, WA. which aired on cable stations throughout the country. Brenda Roberts, Producer and host of Journey, has aired over 500 shows dealing with metaphysical, spiritual and UFO related topics.



Journey featured interviews that are focused on bringing information to assist in our own spiritual Self-growth and empowerment. The format allows for informal yet detailed messages meant to expand our awareness on many different topics that intrigue people in todays world. Journey proposes the possibility that we are about to embark on a dramatic shift on this planet. We have chosen to be here at this time and finding out who we are, where we came from and why we are here, is all a part of the grand journey.

 Journey TV

Brenda Roberts has produced over 500 shows since 1990 at a Seattle based cable company, and most of them have been on the topic of UFO's, Gov't Cover-ups, E.T. interventions and connections, Multi-Dimensionality, Zero point energy and bringing back the Magick in everyday life.

Over the past years since 1990 as an avid UFO researcher and interviewer Brenda has formed many well-known contacts and friends in this arena. Her guests and friends include:

Robert O. Dean - retired NATO who is seeking a Congressional Initiative to lift the secrecy ban on UFO information;

Peter Davenport who is the Director for the National UFO Reporting Center Hotline in Seattle;

Richard Hoagland who authored 'The Monuments of Mars' and held a press conference regarding structures on both Mars and the Moon;

D.J. Conway who has authored many books on Celtic Magic and the Goddess

Randolph Winters who authored 'The Pleidian Mission' and works with a contactee in Miami;

Chris O'Brien who has been on Encounters and Sightings regarding cattle mutilations;

Colin Andrews, Crop Circle expert;

Vance Davis, ex-GI with psychic predictions

Derrel Sims who is assisting abductees in having alleged alien implants surgically removed.


TV Journalist, Brenda Roberts on a Journey exploring our multli-dimensional Universe.

Brenda has lectured at 14 King County libraries and Bellevue Communtiy College on the topics of "ET Awareness" and "Crop Circle Messages". Brenda has coordinated as a field producer for the shows "Sightings", "Strange Universe" and Lightworks in producing segments for National TV shows and has been a guest contributor on Seattle's "Northwest Afternoon".

Producer and host of the seattle cable TV show, "Journey", Brenda shares exerpts from her best TV shows on Time Travel with Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project; Anti-gravity with inventor, John Hutchinson; psycho-navigation with John Perkins; UFO and extra-terrestrial contacts with RandolphWinters; Gov't cover-ups and alien interventions with Robert Dean; how does sasquatch appear and disappear and the phenomenon of Crop Circles.

Now, she takes the UFO sightings, alien interventions and abductions and explains how they visit us in OUR Multi-Dimensional Universe. E.T. Awareness has become expanded Thinking and 'thoughts' create!

Sharing all of the techniques that others have found successful we'll explore the possibilities that open up when we learn to 'Travel within and OUT'.

The following authors and personalities are amongst those who have been interviewed on Journey : 

James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy
Marlo Morgan, The Mutant Message; Downunder
Richard Hoagland, The Monuments of Mars
Randolph Winters, The Pleiadian Mission
Richard Boylan, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters
Robert Wolf, What it is to be Human
V. S. Ferguson, Inanna Returns
Vance Davis, Unbroken Promises
Colin Andrews, Crop Circles Expert
Chris O'Brien, The Mysterious Valley
Al Bielek, The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project 
Scott Mandelker, From Elsewhere: Being ET in America
Robert Dean, retired NATO, Cosmic Top Secret Army Sergeant Major 
DeAnna Emerson, Mars/Earth Enigma'
Wendelle Stevens, Billy Meier Contact Case 
Valery Uvarov, Russian Contactee Researcher 
Mac Ruka, Maori Tribe Elder 
Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center 
Robert Gribble, Founder of the National UFO Reporting Center
ilyes, US Coordinator for the Centre for Cropcircle Studies 
Derrel Sims, removes alleged alien implants 
Barbara Hand Clow, The Pleiadian Agenda



Brenda Produced a few Video's for sale in the early 1990's

National UFO Reporting Center --- This is a one hour interview with the center's Director, Peter Davenport. This tape is a discussion of the types of sighting reports that the Hotline takes twenty-four hours a day in Seattle, WA. There are many different crafts described and shown in pictures during this interview as well as recordings of actual audio tapes from callers. The National UFO Reporting Center is dedicated to distributing sightings data to the public and sales of this video help support the center. Journey is looking forward to producing another video that will include actual photographs and video footage as shot by those UFO eyewitnesses. Should you get lucky enough to capture a UFO on film let us know!! 

Exploring the Mutant Message with Marlo Morgan and Robert Wolff--- This is a 58 minute tape highlighting the book written by Marlo Morgan, 'The Mutant Message; Downunder' and a joint discussion with Robert Wolff, author of 'What it is to be Human' . Together they explore the Oneness that indigenous people share with nature and the Universe and how they promote their own healing. Marlo and Robert offer some practical to assist us in our daily lives to live more balanced and peacefully and learn to experience the 'knowingness' familiar to the aborigines..

Kombucha Tea, A Celestial Gift --- Shot in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Kombucha Tea, A Celestial Gift is the definitive guide to the proper preparation of the mushroom tea.  The video features Norman Baker, who has has been instrumental in sharing Kombucha freely with those who are seriously ill. Norman details the correct 'step-by-step' method of preparing the tea, and also shares his own personal healing story of recovery from being a quadriplegic. Featuring spectacular footage of the Puget Sound, and specially composed music, Kombucha Tea, A Celestial Gift is a treat to watch. One third of the proceeds from the sale of this video goes to freely distribute the mushroom/tea starter kit to those who cannot afford it.


Metaphysical Reviews, editor Richard Fuller: "Brenda Roberts is vivacious and never fails to ask just the right questions. Additonally, Ms. Roberts has keen focus, a wonderful sense of humor and obvious understanding of the subject matter. The end result is 58 minutes of interesting and provocative discussion that includes healing, oneness, letting go and attunement"

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